Selasa, 04 April 2017


        Now, I am going to say thank you for someone, someone special for me. They are  my parents. Why I choose them? Many reason why I choose them, but the most important thing is because they give what they have to their child. They give a love, education, and many more.
        So this time, I wanna say thank you for what you have given to me. I'm sorry if I sometimes make you angry.
        But I think, a grateful for our parents in a word is not really important, because we must grateful them in action, such as give an affection, study hard, etc. They want us as their child grow well and be success in the future. So for me, to grateful our parents is to work hard with what you wanna be in the future.

Dewa Athena

             Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you about my experience when I join Dewa Athena. What is Dewa Athena? It is an annual event of Senior High School 3 Bandung that contends many things, such as basketball, badminton, and other sports. All of students of ten and eleven grade must join this.

            My first day, 25th of March in Saturday, I was not join anything. Why? Because in that day there was no schedule for me to play. I joined badminton and I had through to Quarter Final, and that was luck. I got a good draw for that. So, in that day I was just watching the others. Oh ya, I was also help my friend when they played in Women's Double. I told the rule, how to play, and many more. Unfortunately, they lost in the first round when they against ten science two. They were not ready to play it.
               After that, I was playing badminton with my friend. That was so tired but happy. I also saw the others game. I learned to beat them. I was really enjoyed when I played it. That was make me felt charmed.
              I also saw my class team. My class in that day played many games. First, we played Gobak Sodor. Sadly, we were lost in that game. Next, we had relay. We lost in that game too. Then we had basketball. We played very underperformed. We were defeated by ten science five. 
             In that day, we just released volleyball to trough to Quarter Final and played in the next week. We had also badminton (Men's Double) and futsal.
            1st April of 2017, the second day of Dewa Athena for ten grade. When I saw the schedule, I felt a bit lazy because I had to play the Men's Double in 3 pm. That was a long-time. But I could practice first with my partner. Unfortunately, I lost the match. Our last hope is volleyball. The futsal match had defeated by acceleration class.
            The volleyball had through to Semifinal and we would meet ten science eight. Of course, hard to beat them. The game was very tight. Very unfortunately, we lost our last hope. Very hard to say that, but we had to accept it. 
              By the way, I felt very fun when I join this event. I really enjoyed all of that. Thank you very much for you that visit my blog. See you...

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Cross Word


  1. When you are nearsighted but not wearing a glasses
  2. Synonym of curve
  3. Place for many transportation
  4. Subject in the school
  5. Substance in cigarettes
  6. P!nk’s  single
  7. You need…to catch fish
  8. Big animal in zoo
  9. Synonym of rotation
  10. One of kid’s plaything
  11. Shackle
  12. The dog is...the sheep


  1. Antonym of answer
  2. You need to go abroad
  3. ...Diary
  4. Something spherical
  5. One of forest products
  6. The slope is climb
  7. One of legendary comedian
  8. We get our goal
  9. One of building 
  10. One of the expressions when listening to music
  11. Antonym of small
  12. 7 days
  13. School suplies

Learning from Nature

What is nature? Many people associate it with something wild, forest, green. But actually, the true meaning of nature is environment around us that give us many benefit, not only physically, but also mentally.
We can’t live without nature because many factors. First, our daily needs is producted from nature, such as food, fresh air to breath, water, and many more. Second, nature provides a place for us to live. Land and various building materials already available and we can use it for our necessary. Third, mentally nature give us a calmness that make our life become happy and feel peace with it. The last but not the least, nature is a place for plant, animal, and the other to live. Without it, we can’t live also. Actually, nature give us so many other benefit, but because too much, I can’t mention it all. But, I have tasted one of benefit of that. When I sad or not in good mood, I see the nature and that is make me feelin’ good again. Not only that, when I get sick, I use something from nature to treat that.
But sadly, we have to recognize that now nature’s condition is not good, even nearly destroyed. Many factors cause it, but majority come from human. Some activities of human cause it, such as deforestation, industry, transportation, and many more. The proof of that can be felt us now. The perceived temperature during the day is very hot, not like it used to. It is caused from global warming that come from human activities. Then, many trees around us are disapper caused by building construction and individual needs.
The impacts that occurs from that situation are endanger the world, such as global warming. Global warming mean that the earth is become hotter than before because the CO2 and the other substances. They come from air pollution from human industry. If that situation not handled properly, many impact can occurs. First, the two Pole area in the North and South is starting melt. It means the sea levels will rise and will threaten small island and waterfront area. Not only that, organism that live at that area will be threatened too.
Human industry also threatened ozone, protective atmosphere from ultraviolet rays. The substance that break it is CFC. CFC’s function is to refrigerate something. It usually is in refrigerator, air conditioner and the others. If the ozone becomes ruin, the ultraviolet rays from sun will damage the earth, and also the organism live there. It is very dangerous because for us a human it can caused a skin cancer. In this era, already a lot of people suffer from this disease.
What must we do? Or we just stay quiet natural look that has been corrupted? Let’s go friends! Many things we can do for the better nature. We can act from the simple things. First, we can plant at least one tree in one home. We can count if one city has about one thousand house, it means there will a one thousand trees too. Coupled with some trees in another place, that will be bring a good change for our environment, city and the world.
Second, we must throw garbage in its place. Not only usual throw, but now we must learn to divide the waste from the materials, such as the green trash can is for herbage, kitchen stuff, etc. We also must more concerned if there is a waste in the street or another place, we must to put it and throw in the right trash can.
The last, we have to start now to economize something, such as fresh water, electricity, the use of oil, and many more. We must remember that we will have a new generation after we live. We should not greedy. Do not assume that if we have abundant wealth we can rule everything. Precisely with greedy we will turn off the next generation.
Many things we can learn from nature, and I have got one. Learn to always give what you have sincerely, without expect rewards. That very meaningful for me, because nature always do that. It just need one, just one simple things. They just ask us to save them well, no more.

Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

Holiday Experience

            Hello everyone ! Now I would tell you about my experience. After had some hard task and examination, finally I got long holidays and my family decided to visit my grandmother in Cirebon. I really missed them, especially my cousin.
               We went there in Saturday morning to prevent congestion. We arrived there in 1 pm. It turns out they were already waiting for us in front of the house. I was really excited when I see them again after a long time. Many things changed there, such as there was an ice chocolate stand, certainly it’s managed by my family. Moreover that, there was a drugstore and my aunt managed it. She moved from Cikarang and bring her family to lived there. My grandma house became crowded, but I happy to hear it.
                On the next day, my big family from the same great-grandfather were gathering to hold “arisan”. This event was made to make our big family from other city came in the same place. I really surprised because there were about 60 people there. They came from other city, such as Ciamis, Bandung, and Majalengka. There were about 15 people from my grandma’s family. Oh ya, we went to swimming pool to hold the event because majority of my big family is still a child, so it would be fun for them. The event was very funny.
               Okay that all from me, thank you for your attention !

Selasa, 08 November 2016

Mia Audina, The Prodigy Child

        Mia Audina was one of memorable badminton player in Indonesia. She was born in Jakarta, 22nd of August 1979. She was an ethnic of  Chinese-Indonesian who had retired in badminton world. 
        On her first career, she joined the Uber Cup in 1994. Indonesia was through to the Final and would fight the Chinese country. At that time, Indonesia and China were draw with score 2-2. Because of it, the last game was had to be executed. Indonesia was choose the very young player, Mia Audina to get battle with Zhang Ning. Mia, who was still very young, fell behind 3-7 in the first game. Slowly but surely, Mia began to overtake currently holds the rotating service, 4-7, 5-7, 6-7 and excel with 8-7. In the first game, she closed it with 11-7.

        Zhang Ning even more depressed, felt very heavy burden to bear Zhang Ning as a key player to retain the title Uber Cup. It was seen in the 2nd game where Mia increasingly violent leaving Zhang Ning away until match point 10-6. Mia just need one more point to seal the title Uber Cup. In that point, unfortunately, Zhang took the control of the game until deuce, 10-10. Mia was very upset. Zhang closed the game with 10-12.
          In the last game, Mia and Zhang looked very nervous. But fortunately, Mia played very quietly in that game. Mia closed the game with very beautiful skill. The game was over with score 11-7 10-12 11-4. The other Indonesians player hug her and the euphoria in that time was very crowded. She was noted in history as the youngest badminton player who joined that championship.
          After that very historical moment, her performance had declined and got some problem, such as the death of her mother. In 1999, she decided to get married with Tylio Lobman and moved to Netherlands. Of course, she didn't defend Indonesia again, but Netherlands.

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

Black Orchid

        Black orchid (Coelogyne pandurata) is one of species of orchid which grow at Semenanjung Malaya, Kalimantan and Sumatera. These plants live clustered form clumps. The base has a tuber that is slightly flattened oval, with two elliptical leaves that are lifted up. Most people think that the black orchid is black overall. But the reality is not so. Black orchid-shaped stalk with bud number between 5-10 buds per stalk. Flower color is dominated by yellowish-green color on the petals and the crown, while the lips black flowers where inside there are spots of color combinations of black with black stripes.

Black Orchid
         In Indonesia, the flower can be found in Kalimantan, Sumatera and Papua. It is the mascot of East Kalimantan province. But unfortunately, it's rare to find now. The cause is human who "obstinate" to exploit the nature. Not just the flower, Orang Utan and many species that live there is threatened. The cause is also because it very sumptuous. So, there are many people who still care to the nature make some conservation to save them.

        One of place that conserve it is Cagar Alam Padang Luway in East Kalimantan. It is conserve there because the place is its native habitat. But, there are still some problem that obtained. First, the forest fires occur almost throughout the year. Because of it, now, place for the flower grow is just about 45 Ha. Second,
a local community activities causing negative impacts on the region. They plant rubber trees there. It can threatened the flower. Next, the policy of the Department of Tourism is functioning Kutai Barat Padang Luway Nature Reserve area as a tourism place will make some species which live there disturbed.
          From the explanation, we can conclude that we must care to the nature. Not just saying, but in real action.

Multiple Choice Question!


1. What is special things in Black Orchid?  
a.       The habitat
b.      The color
c.       The rarity
d.      The price
e.       Nothing special
2.      Why many people search it?

a.       Because its unique
b.      Because its price
c.       Because its rarity
d.      Because its beautiful
e.       To save them
3.      Word “obstinate” has similar meaning with…

a.      Stubborn
b.     Long sleeve
c.      Sword arm
d.     Faint-hearted
e.      Ingenuity
4.     Why the black orchid can be disturbed by the rubber trees?

a.     Because is too big
b.     Because the water will be taken
c.      Not because the trees, but the people who plant it
d.     Because orchid will lose their air
e.      Because the rubber trees and orchid will make an adverse relationship
5.     From the text, we can conclude that…

a.     The black orchid is just conserve in Cagar Alam Padang Luway
b.     Only a local community will disturb them
c.      Nothing special with black orchid
d.     The only way to save it is the conservation
e.      The color of the flower is not full of black