Selasa, 04 April 2017

Dewa Athena

             Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you about my experience when I join Dewa Athena. What is Dewa Athena? It is an annual event of Senior High School 3 Bandung that contends many things, such as basketball, badminton, and other sports. All of students of ten and eleven grade must join this.

            My first day, 25th of March in Saturday, I was not join anything. Why? Because in that day there was no schedule for me to play. I joined badminton and I had through to Quarter Final, and that was luck. I got a good draw for that. So, in that day I was just watching the others. Oh ya, I was also help my friend when they played in Women's Double. I told the rule, how to play, and many more. Unfortunately, they lost in the first round when they against ten science two. They were not ready to play it.
               After that, I was playing badminton with my friend. That was so tired but happy. I also saw the others game. I learned to beat them. I was really enjoyed when I played it. That was make me felt charmed.
              I also saw my class team. My class in that day played many games. First, we played Gobak Sodor. Sadly, we were lost in that game. Next, we had relay. We lost in that game too. Then we had basketball. We played very underperformed. We were defeated by ten science five. 
             In that day, we just released volleyball to trough to Quarter Final and played in the next week. We had also badminton (Men's Double) and futsal.
            1st April of 2017, the second day of Dewa Athena for ten grade. When I saw the schedule, I felt a bit lazy because I had to play the Men's Double in 3 pm. That was a long-time. But I could practice first with my partner. Unfortunately, I lost the match. Our last hope is volleyball. The futsal match had defeated by acceleration class.
            The volleyball had through to Semifinal and we would meet ten science eight. Of course, hard to beat them. The game was very tight. Very unfortunately, we lost our last hope. Very hard to say that, but we had to accept it. 
              By the way, I felt very fun when I join this event. I really enjoyed all of that. Thank you very much for you that visit my blog. See you...

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