Rabu, 24 Agustus 2016

My Experience at World Tournament and Techno Fest

          Hello everyone! At this time, I wanna tell you about my experience at world tournament and techno fest. I hope you enjoy the story okay! Ok, let's begin.
          First, when I knew this event will be held in this Saturday, I still felt confused about this. What was the purpose of this event? What will we did in this event? There were my questions about this event. You knew that we were a new student right! So, I claimed that will be a seniority in that event.
          On Saturday morning, we were gather at Bali field. My sport teacher, Mr. Dudi, guided us what to do in this event. But, he said that more information will we got from the committee. When they leaded the event, they asked us to find our senior. They gave us two leader and they told us what to do in this event. 
          First, they guided us to SMAN 3 and 5 corridor to get some information. There we were given a map and some hints. What was the hints for? They said the hints was for guided us to get some reward. But, if we wanted to get that, we had to beat our senior. It means that we had to build a strong teamwork to win all of the games.
          When we saw the first hint, we still confused where we would to go. But, the leader guided us to enter the eleventh classroom. There we had to play a playstation game. We choosed three persons to play a game against the senior. Unfortunately, we lost to them with score 1-2. They could get the reward. What was the reward? Oh the reward was a piece of puzzle. But, what was a piece of puzzle for? They said it would be a benefit for the end of event.
          The second place was Music Park. There we played a game called "Rangking Dua". I thought that the game would same like "Rangking Satu", but in this game, we found the second winner, not the first. Happily, we won this game and same like before, we got a piece of puzzle.
          The next game until the last, we got many a piece of puzzle. We were very tired. You knew? We were walking to Photo Park from school. The distance was about 2-3 km. But it was covered by the happy of the game. 
          At the end of the game, we were asked by the committee to go to Bali field. They said there would a closing game. When we there, we saw many balloon filled by water and at the otherside, we saw there were some people who wore raincoat. I thought they were an aliens! Why? Because the committee said there were some aliens who wore raincoat (of course they were a human, not a really aliens). They would steal our puzzle. To beat them, we had to throw the balloon to them. And it was true.
          At the end, after we collected the puzzle, we had to arrange them. After we arranged, it was shaped like a big picture. What's picture? The picture was contained an astronaut and over him, there was a big "32019". It was our generation name. I was so excited saw it. 
          After that, the committee told us to go home and I was very tired and happy at the same time. Thank you for read my story.

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