Rabu, 21 September 2016


          First, I wanna explain to you what is megantara. Megantara is annual events in Senior High School 3 Bandung that show us many culture around Indonesia, such as Angklung, Bali dance, and many more. But unfortunately, I can't come to that event because some reason that I can't explain to you. But don't worry, I will share my unique experience in my house.
          For your information, my mother sells daily goods like eggs, rice, salt, sugar, and many more. So, when she can't serve the customers, she ask me to do it. It happened when she attended the invitation. I was asked by her to keep my house and serve the customers too. But I happy about that because I could meet many people while practicing my skill calculation, hehehe. 
           When there was no customers, usually my cat and her daughter came to me to get some food. I gave sausage to them and they liked it. They were very cute, both had orange-white fur. But sometimes, I didn't like her daughter habit. She usually brought her prey to me, such as small mouse, frog, and bird. I very didn't like it. Although I didn't like it, I knew that it was the way she gave thanks to me for the food. 
           I thought that was my unique experience in my house when the others came to Megantara. Once again, please forgive me cause I couldn't visit the event. Thank you for reading.

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