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Black Orchid

        Black orchid (Coelogyne pandurata) is one of species of orchid which grow at Semenanjung Malaya, Kalimantan and Sumatera. These plants live clustered form clumps. The base has a tuber that is slightly flattened oval, with two elliptical leaves that are lifted up. Most people think that the black orchid is black overall. But the reality is not so. Black orchid-shaped stalk with bud number between 5-10 buds per stalk. Flower color is dominated by yellowish-green color on the petals and the crown, while the lips black flowers where inside there are spots of color combinations of black with black stripes.

Black Orchid
         In Indonesia, the flower can be found in Kalimantan, Sumatera and Papua. It is the mascot of East Kalimantan province. But unfortunately, it's rare to find now. The cause is human who "obstinate" to exploit the nature. Not just the flower, Orang Utan and many species that live there is threatened. The cause is also because it very sumptuous. So, there are many people who still care to the nature make some conservation to save them.

        One of place that conserve it is Cagar Alam Padang Luway in East Kalimantan. It is conserve there because the place is its native habitat. But, there are still some problem that obtained. First, the forest fires occur almost throughout the year. Because of it, now, place for the flower grow is just about 45 Ha. Second,
a local community activities causing negative impacts on the region. They plant rubber trees there. It can threatened the flower. Next, the policy of the Department of Tourism is functioning Kutai Barat Padang Luway Nature Reserve area as a tourism place will make some species which live there disturbed.
          From the explanation, we can conclude that we must care to the nature. Not just saying, but in real action.

Multiple Choice Question!


1. What is special things in Black Orchid?  
a.       The habitat
b.      The color
c.       The rarity
d.      The price
e.       Nothing special
2.      Why many people search it?

a.       Because its unique
b.      Because its price
c.       Because its rarity
d.      Because its beautiful
e.       To save them
3.      Word “obstinate” has similar meaning with…

a.      Stubborn
b.     Long sleeve
c.      Sword arm
d.     Faint-hearted
e.      Ingenuity
4.     Why the black orchid can be disturbed by the rubber trees?

a.     Because is too big
b.     Because the water will be taken
c.      Not because the trees, but the people who plant it
d.     Because orchid will lose their air
e.      Because the rubber trees and orchid will make an adverse relationship
5.     From the text, we can conclude that…

a.     The black orchid is just conserve in Cagar Alam Padang Luway
b.     Only a local community will disturb them
c.      Nothing special with black orchid
d.     The only way to save it is the conservation
e.      The color of the flower is not full of black

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