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Mia Audina, The Prodigy Child

        Mia Audina was one of memorable badminton player in Indonesia. She was born in Jakarta, 22nd of August 1979. She was an ethnic of  Chinese-Indonesian who had retired in badminton world. 
        On her first career, she joined the Uber Cup in 1994. Indonesia was through to the Final and would fight the Chinese country. At that time, Indonesia and China were draw with score 2-2. Because of it, the last game was had to be executed. Indonesia was choose the very young player, Mia Audina to get battle with Zhang Ning. Mia, who was still very young, fell behind 3-7 in the first game. Slowly but surely, Mia began to overtake currently holds the rotating service, 4-7, 5-7, 6-7 and excel with 8-7. In the first game, she closed it with 11-7.

        Zhang Ning even more depressed, felt very heavy burden to bear Zhang Ning as a key player to retain the title Uber Cup. It was seen in the 2nd game where Mia increasingly violent leaving Zhang Ning away until match point 10-6. Mia just need one more point to seal the title Uber Cup. In that point, unfortunately, Zhang took the control of the game until deuce, 10-10. Mia was very upset. Zhang closed the game with 10-12.
          In the last game, Mia and Zhang looked very nervous. But fortunately, Mia played very quietly in that game. Mia closed the game with very beautiful skill. The game was over with score 11-7 10-12 11-4. The other Indonesians player hug her and the euphoria in that time was very crowded. She was noted in history as the youngest badminton player who joined that championship.
          After that very historical moment, her performance had declined and got some problem, such as the death of her mother. In 1999, she decided to get married with Tylio Lobman and moved to Netherlands. Of course, she didn't defend Indonesia again, but Netherlands.

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