Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Learning from Nature

What is nature? Many people associate it with something wild, forest, green. But actually, the true meaning of nature is environment around us that give us many benefit, not only physically, but also mentally.
We can’t live without nature because many factors. First, our daily needs is producted from nature, such as food, fresh air to breath, water, and many more. Second, nature provides a place for us to live. Land and various building materials already available and we can use it for our necessary. Third, mentally nature give us a calmness that make our life become happy and feel peace with it. The last but not the least, nature is a place for plant, animal, and the other to live. Without it, we can’t live also. Actually, nature give us so many other benefit, but because too much, I can’t mention it all. But, I have tasted one of benefit of that. When I sad or not in good mood, I see the nature and that is make me feelin’ good again. Not only that, when I get sick, I use something from nature to treat that.
But sadly, we have to recognize that now nature’s condition is not good, even nearly destroyed. Many factors cause it, but majority come from human. Some activities of human cause it, such as deforestation, industry, transportation, and many more. The proof of that can be felt us now. The perceived temperature during the day is very hot, not like it used to. It is caused from global warming that come from human activities. Then, many trees around us are disapper caused by building construction and individual needs.
The impacts that occurs from that situation are endanger the world, such as global warming. Global warming mean that the earth is become hotter than before because the CO2 and the other substances. They come from air pollution from human industry. If that situation not handled properly, many impact can occurs. First, the two Pole area in the North and South is starting melt. It means the sea levels will rise and will threaten small island and waterfront area. Not only that, organism that live at that area will be threatened too.
Human industry also threatened ozone, protective atmosphere from ultraviolet rays. The substance that break it is CFC. CFC’s function is to refrigerate something. It usually is in refrigerator, air conditioner and the others. If the ozone becomes ruin, the ultraviolet rays from sun will damage the earth, and also the organism live there. It is very dangerous because for us a human it can caused a skin cancer. In this era, already a lot of people suffer from this disease.
What must we do? Or we just stay quiet natural look that has been corrupted? Let’s go friends! Many things we can do for the better nature. We can act from the simple things. First, we can plant at least one tree in one home. We can count if one city has about one thousand house, it means there will a one thousand trees too. Coupled with some trees in another place, that will be bring a good change for our environment, city and the world.
Second, we must throw garbage in its place. Not only usual throw, but now we must learn to divide the waste from the materials, such as the green trash can is for herbage, kitchen stuff, etc. We also must more concerned if there is a waste in the street or another place, we must to put it and throw in the right trash can.
The last, we have to start now to economize something, such as fresh water, electricity, the use of oil, and many more. We must remember that we will have a new generation after we live. We should not greedy. Do not assume that if we have abundant wealth we can rule everything. Precisely with greedy we will turn off the next generation.
Many things we can learn from nature, and I have got one. Learn to always give what you have sincerely, without expect rewards. That very meaningful for me, because nature always do that. It just need one, just one simple things. They just ask us to save them well, no more.

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