Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

Holiday Experience

            Hello everyone ! Now I would tell you about my experience. After had some hard task and examination, finally I got long holidays and my family decided to visit my grandmother in Cirebon. I really missed them, especially my cousin.
               We went there in Saturday morning to prevent congestion. We arrived there in 1 pm. It turns out they were already waiting for us in front of the house. I was really excited when I see them again after a long time. Many things changed there, such as there was an ice chocolate stand, certainly it’s managed by my family. Moreover that, there was a drugstore and my aunt managed it. She moved from Cikarang and bring her family to lived there. My grandma house became crowded, but I happy to hear it.
                On the next day, my big family from the same great-grandfather were gathering to hold “arisan”. This event was made to make our big family from other city came in the same place. I really surprised because there were about 60 people there. They came from other city, such as Ciamis, Bandung, and Majalengka. There were about 15 people from my grandma’s family. Oh ya, we went to swimming pool to hold the event because majority of my big family is still a child, so it would be fun for them. The event was very funny.
               Okay that all from me, thank you for your attention !

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